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Terms & Conditions



ABN: 86 163 887 090

  1. TENTATIVE BOOKING: A tentative booking will be held for a maximum of seven (7) days only. If the booking is not confirmed by way of a deposit within this period, the (HFCC) reserves the right to release the date and space being held without notice.

  2. DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS:  Unless an alternative arrangement has been made with your Event Coordinator, deposits and installments are due according to the terms stated above. Deposits and installments once paid are non-refundable. A 10 percent admin fee may be applied to late payments. Should a third party collection agency be required in order to recover any funds owed to HFCC, all costs involved will be added to the amount outstanding. Final payment for all events is due 5 working days prior to the event.

  3. COMPLIANCE:  It is understood that the client will conduct their function in an orderly manner and comply with management requirements.  The HFCC reserves the right to control the style and volume of any entertainment booked by the client

  4. LIABILITY: If the HFCC has reason to believe that a function will have a detrimental effect on the professional reputation or normal operations of everyday business, its security or reputation, it reserves the right to cancel the function without liability.

  5. CANCELLATIONS:  In the unfortunate event of your function being cancelled at your request, the following terms and charges will apply: All cancellations must be received in writing (this includes AV/IT equipment hire)

  1. All deposits paid are non-refundable 

  2. In addition to the forfeiting of your deposit, the following cancellation fees apply:

a) Less than 28 days notice – you must pay 20% of the balance of all quoted costs of the event

b) Less than 7 days notice – you must pay the total balance of all quoted costs of the event

             If the function room is rebooked, the HFCC may waive part of the cancellation fee.

  1. CONSUMPTION: With the exception of wedding and celebration cakes, no food or beverages shall be brought into The HFCC for consumption by the client, guests, invitees or delegates, unless the HFCC gives consent. 


  1. COMMENCEMENT AND VACATING OF ROOMS:  A labour surcharge of $100 per hour or part thereof will apply if you function continues beyond the scheduled end time on the day / night of your function.


  1. SUBSTITUTION OF FUNCTION ROOM:  The HFCC may assign an alternative function room for your event if the appointed function room is unavailable for any reason or HFCC believes the appointed room is no longer appropriate.  HFCC will where possible consult with you before making any changes


  1. FINAL NUMBERS:  Guaranteed final numbers are required no later than five (5) working days prior to the event.   Should a final number not be received, the number indicated on this Event Sheet will be taken as a guaranteed minimum number. It may be possible to increase guest numbers at short notice however numbers cannot be decreased due to ordering supplies and staffing commitments.


  1. DAMAGES: The client is financially responsible for any damage or loss to HFCC caused by or contributed by any attendee / contactor of the event.  It is the client’s responsibly to ensure all attendees behave in an orderly manner during the event.  General and normal cleaning is included in the cost of room hire.  The client may incur additional charges or forfeiture of bond where the event has created cleaning requirements over and above what is considered normal cleaning.


  1. SECURITY:  The HFCC reserves the right to exclude or eject any objectionable persons from the function without liability and may require you to supply licensed security or crowd control officers at your expense.


  1. RESPONSIBILITY:  The HFCC will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of merchandise left on the property prior, during or after the function.  Clients should arrange their own insurance and/or security.


  1. PRICING: All prices are current and inclusive of GST.  All prices quoted may be subject to change due to changing pricing conditions in the market that may be outside our control. 


  1. RESPONSIBLE SERVICE:  The HFCC has a duty of care to serve alcoholic beverages to all guests in a responsible and professional manner in accordance with the current laws pertaining to the hospitality industry.  For more information please refer to



No ink, gaffer tape, sticky tape, glue or similar substances may be used on any internal surface of the building. 

  1. All HFCC Venues are Non-Smoking Areas

  2. The delivery time of all supplies (such as floristry / cakes etc) must be pre-arranged with HFCC staff.

  3. All display items are to be self-supported and all signage in public areas must be approved

  4. All floorplans must adhere to fire safety regulations and must not block fire exits or entrances


  1. BASIS OF AGREEMENT:  Performance of this Agreement is contingent upon the liability of The HFCC to complete the same and is subject to labour troubles, disputes, strikes or picketing, accidents, government (Federal, State or Local) requisitions, restrictions upon travel, transport, food, beverages which are beyond the control of The HFCC.  In no event shall The HFCC be liable for loss of profit or consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, warranty or otherwise.  In no event shall The HFCC’s liability be in excess of the food and beverages contracted here.

We look forward to making your event a success


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